Personal Branding


Let me help you to articulate your business with professional imagery 

All businesses and people in business, require professional quality images that show the best version of you to your clients. 


I can help you achieve a greater level of service and a closer connection to your clients by offering professional-quality Personal Branding at affordable prices. 


A Picture Paints a Thousand

It is often said a picture paints a thousand words and with that in mind, it matters not what business you are in, whether it is architecture to zoology. I will craft a set of high-quality images that you can use for all your social media platforms, your website, and marketing materials because let's face it, having professional photos of yourself is going to elevate your brand and your business and people want to see you. 


I will be the photographer that will help you do that and I will make your experience fun and stress-free.


Personal Branding Pricing

I am committed to providing a first-class service to my clients and therefore I want to be able to cater to all their needs.

To start off, my session fee is £150 and secures your booking. This fee covers the costs of my studio space and makeup artist. 

It is important to note that I do not sell individual images, I sell individual image sets. An image set compromises of one image duplicated four times but in each instance, the image is cropped differently to enable it to be used across different applications and social media platforms. An image set contains the following:

  1. Subject in Portrait orientation - no space for copy - 4 x 5 crop to fit Instagram - colour

  2. Subject in Portrait orientation - no space for copy - 4 x 5 crop to fit Instagram - black & white

  3. Subject in Landscape orientation with subject right side with space for copy on the left - colour (4x3 or 2x3)

  4. Subject in Landscape orientation with subject left side with space for copy on the right - colour (4x3, 2x3)


I am passionate about producing quality products. The quality of my work, which includes my editing, is my Brand therefore it is important to me to have control over the editing and cropping process. As a result, I assist my clients by providing them with duplicate versions of the same image all edited to my exacting standards so they do not have to concern themselves with forcing an image to fit into Instagram or removing the colour because they want a black and white version. 

Clients can purchase as many image sets as they need to elevate and support their business. My prices start at £95 for a single image set. If a client purchases more than one, the sets attract a small discount, this means the more image sets a client purchases the more savings they make. 

The price of any additional images sets beyond a quantity of 15 will cost a fixed price of £60 per set. 

6 Step Process

Step 1. Session Fee

Your photo session fee covers my time, studio hire, and hair and makeup. The fee enables you to book your consultation and photoshoot. It is payable at the time of booking your consultation. 

Step 2. Consultation

We will meet at a time and place to suit you to discuss the planning of your photoshoot. I need to know some basic details for example; how would you like to be photographed, where would you like to be photographed and whether you would like professional hair and makeup. We will also discuss the clothing that you would like to be photographed wearing. During your consultation we will arrange a date for your shoot.

Step 3. Photoshoot

With the planning completed your photoshoot will be an easy and enjoyable event. I will create a stress-free environment with music of your choice and lots of laughs. I will be on hand to guide, support, and direct you into wonderful poses that will create superb portraiture that you will be proud of. 

Step 4. Reveal 

Approximately two weeks after your photoshoot I will be in contact with you to arrange your reveal. All your images used in your reveal will have been professionally edited by myself. In the proceeding time, you will have the opportunity to decide what your budget is as this will determine which collection you would like to purchase. Please remember, I do not believe in hard-selling, you only have to purchase the images that you love.

Step 5. Ordering Images

Following your reveal, I will send you an invoice for the collection that you have purchased. On receipt of your payment, I will send you a link so you can download your digital photographs.

Step 6. Delivery

If you have ordered prints or wall art, on receipt of your purchases, I will inspect them to ensure their quality. I will then arrange to deliver the goods to you.