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Caterina Avanzi owner of

Caterina Avanzi Personal Stylist

As your branding photographer, it is important to me to ensure you feel your best with what you are wearing during your branding experience. This will promote great energy which will show through in your images. It is essential to consider that your style is on brand, that your look is how you want it be; professional, friendly or engaging irrespective of whether you are dressed to meet clients or walking your dog with family.


In this instance, I want to be able to advise and support you with this part of your branding experience. So I have collaborated with my friend and Personal Stylist, Caterina Avanzi. If you need our support to ensure the clothes you wear portray who you are and what your brand represents, then one of Caterina's services can be added to your branding experience.

Style is a journey of discovery

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Dressing is a way to express ourselves and also to tell people who we are and how we want to be perceived. Caterina's aim is to show our clients that style is for everyone and it’s not impossible to achieve.


Everyone has got style, it’s in our personality, the way we are with our friends, and our families, so irrespective of whether you have a wardrobe detox, body shape analysis, or a personal shopping experience, with Caterina's expertise, we will ensure you have the right look for you and your brand thus enriching your personal branding experience.